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Monday, February 13, 2017

At the Existentialist Café

  1. What is Sartre’s three-word slogan for Existentialism? 
  2. At what club did Sartre first realize he was a celebrity on October 28, 1945? 
  3. What dilemma did Sartre’s student face in 1940? 
  4. What famous ethical conundrum do philosophers still tangle with trying to answer? 
  5. What part of decisions making within Existentialism does Sartre consider difficult and unnerving?                

Discussion Questions:
1.     What would you do if you were confronted with a trolley problem?
2.     Do you consider the ideas of Existentialism liberating or unnerving?
3.     Do you think your decisions have been predestined, or do you make your own decisions for yourself?


  1. In regards to the thought of your actions being pre-determined, I think that you have two different types of decisions. I think you have the decision between tea or coffee in the morning and I think that you have the decision of whether you want to go to college or not (those kind of things). The honest truth of what I believe is that the good Lord has a plan for our lives, and the decisions that directly relate to that plan are decided for us. We ultimately make the decision that He knew we would make whether or not we think that we made it or not. With that in mind, the small decisions that we make; like tea or coffee, are not as important as a decision to go out drinking with friends. That decision is something that changes the course of your life for good or not, but his plan for your life will not change. there is not a decision that you could make that would catch him off guard, and make him have to change some things around because you made a certain decision.
    - Nathan Stickles (section #9 I think...)

  2. Quiz Answers:
    1. Existence precedes essence
    2. The now club
    3. His brother had been killed and was seeking advice.
    4. "Should he do the right thing by his mother with clear benefits to her alone or should he take a chance by joining the fight and doing right by many"
    5. He doesn't deny that decision makings like this bring constant anxiety, but you are free and must make your own decision.


    The trolley problem is an eye opener and certainly made me think. I would keep my hands off of the entire situation as pushing a hefty man into the train would be murder. Watching the 5 people die would be horrific but it's not my responsibility. If it was my family however, geez I think I would do what ever possible to save them.

    I absolutely agree with existentialism, you control your decision making. You make your decisions based off previous learning experiences, and that's only logical.

    It's extremely silly that "there is a plan for you from God" because way to many things happen in your life that are based off your actions. I don't believe that he knows what decisions you are going to make or he knows you will be faIced with this or that. That is called life, and you have to make your own decisions.

  3. Additional Questions:

    1. What was Satre's big question in the mid 1940's?
    2. What year was the Index of Prohibited books published by the Catholic church?
    3. Satre's is now often remembered by what?
    4. What did Ann Marie the actor say about existentialism?


    Give me an example of 21st existentialism act.

  4. 1. Does it matter which one i choose, what if i flip the switch and it doesn't change or i choose not too and it switches automatically.what if the track is gonna follow a path regardless of what i do.
    2. I find it liberating, because in actuality i'm not making decisions for the world i make it only for myself.
    3. I wholeheartedly that you make your own decisions and your path isn't predetermined