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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thoughts on the discussion questions...
February 9th, 2017
Nathan Stickles Section (9)

When Socrates talked about philosophy being both an intimate and colaborative activity, I think he is right on. When you are thinking about how to view the world, you have to look at it yourself and see what you think personally, but you will only benefit from communications with other people about their views, and such. When we think about philposophy being about how to treat people and how to life your life in regards to interacting in that way, I'm sure it would only help to be interactions with people and learning how they tick, and then going back to the comfort of your recliner and think deeply about what you have experienced.

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for; the conviction of things not seen" (Hebrews 11:1). So if faith is believing in something that you cannot see, than is a lifestyle of devotion to reason i do not think would be something that I could consider to be like faith. Devotion to reason is more like a choice of lifestyle, and being someone who questions things and carries on discussions with other individuals in order to try to understand their reason behind a certain issue in order to form your own "reason" or thought processes. I think faith is similar to hope in that is is speaking about things that you can not see, but it is different that hope. Hope is like, "man I really hope Jimmy gets better, while faith is having assurance in things that you can not see.

I feel a strong drive to be successful. Now the view of success in our country, and in our generation is looked at from many different angles, and I think that is a good thing and a bad thing because it can be confused with not bieng successful. I think success would be like something that gets you out of bed in the morning. Wether that be your wife and kids that you provide for, or fulfilling a career on your own, it doesn't matter. I think that the issue is that people confuse the fact that succes looks different for different people with being lazy, and saying that something that they are doing is just them being successful is infect not being beneficial to themselves of those around them. That being said, if making money, living in a comfortable home, achieving vocational, or social status, falls in line with your view of being successful than by all means accel in those things, but I do not think those things should be the thing that you are trying to achieve, nor should they by all means be a measure of success.

I have stated before I feel strongly that all men are created equal, and no one of us is above another fundamentally. Obviously there are many ways to judge people, and on the surface is by far the least accurate. I think for me I look at things like how they see the world, how they treat other people, how they view themselves, what they have done, and what their goals are on life. I strive to look past the obvious with people and the only way to do that efficiently is by spending time with people, and developing ways to read people in certain situtions.

When I look at my childhood, and the early influences that have affected my character as a person, I see calm and I see comfort. I was raised by a stay at home mom, and a supportive father. I was raised in the early 2000's, and that was a time of Veggie Tales, and Sesame Street, and Blues Clues. I was raised in up in the church, and that has of course shaped who I am today. My childhood was shaped without saturation of the stress of drama in a public school setting because I was homeschooled, and I am increadibly thankful for my parents' decision to holmeschool myself and my two brothers. I feel that because of the simplicity in which I was raised, I see the world simpler that some, but I have grown up i the fastest developing technology age in history. Both of my parents graduated with tprofessional degrees, and because of that it was only natural for me to move into the college life after graduation highschool. I short, I believe that my childhood has definitely shaped that way I look at the world today and how I treat other people the way I would like to be treated.

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