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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Discussion Questions -
 - I would love to have attended Aristotle's Lyceum. I would have loved to have experience everything that would have been in the teaching of the Lyceum. I would love to be a Renaissance man! And like the founding father of our own, Thomas Jefferson, was a real renaissance man in that he had interest and strength in many areas of life. From science top sports to mathematics and literature were of his interest and experience. I would be very interested in being a part of that!

 - A Biology professor that I have had had a very different view of the creation of the world than I had at the time. I knew he was incredibly successful, and while I could not get him to change his thoughts, nor was I gong to change my thoughts to the thinking and/or philosophy. I was able to look past our differences, and take his class, and look past it; move on...

 - The interesting thing about the thought of change in the universe is that you may take the idea that the universe was created by a Devine creator, in which case you may conclude that the universe has not moved since the beginning. It would be of course very different if one allowed one in to indulge in the thought that the universe is constantly expanding. Then the fact of change would be that it is the only constant in the universe in which we live.

 - I hold the idea that the God that created the universe is gracious and loving toward the people who inhabit the earth. I would venture to say that God created the universe in order to glorify himself, and to show that he is in fact the only deserved recipient of our praise and glory.

 - I think the thought of logic is studying the world as we see it, and making decisions in our daily life in regards to how we see the world come into play in front of our eyes. And in that sense, you have to realize that our world does not always make logical sense, and thus logic could not always be what you could consider truth.

Nathan Stickles
Section #9

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