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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Seinfeld in Philosophy Section 10 Tuesday/Thursday 2:40P

February 9th, 2017


The link will take you to the e book that has the first 15 pages free, that's what our discussion will be on. Do NOT buy the book, you can view the book for free.


1. Who idolized Socrates?

2.  If Socrates wrote nothing then who wrote for him and what the problematic scholar issue called?

3. Which specific writing of Plato's is said to be an accurate account of Socrates words and actions at his trial?

4. After being found guilty what did Socrates explain he was trying to get others to think about?

5. Who gives voice to one of the most in influential theories in the history of thought and what is his theory called?


What is your favorite Seinfeld Episode?

Who is your favorite character and who do they most likely resemble in philosophy?

Bonus Question:
Who is Jerry Seinfeld's favorite Superhero?

Perspective on Life

Seinfeld is a hilarious show that involves "nothing". Seinfeld is a show about "nothing" that really just recorded life and how Jerry lives his life and the things they face in life. Here is you tube video to find out more about the wealthiest actor and his show Jerry Seinfeld.

Watch Seinfeld

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  1. Point that Kane and I will discuss:

    1. Seinfeld helps restore our appreciation for our life; life is comprised of events and a lot of annoyances and some may say life is about "nothing".
    - There are millions of ordinary moments that make up our lives, and this is why we find joy in watching Seinfeld. We see ourselves as one of the characters often.

    2. Who doesn't know someone that is a close talker, like the soup Nazi, or a woman that has man hands?
    - We find joy not because the show is about nothing, but because we can predict what Jerry might say when he see's Newman.
    - It's fun to laugh when Kramer runs in through the door,and you know he is going to do it every time.

    3. Sartre says that interactions with others is essential to making who you are; do you believe this to be true?
    - "You are who you hang out with" or "look around who your closest friends"

    Additional Discussions:

    What are the importance of having friends to be yourself?
    -Jerry says he can't see a bad movie and have nobody to tell jokes to, that's who Jerry is; so could he be "Jerry" without friends?

    Open Discussion on different personalities and do we see personality characteristics from philosophers in today's world?

    -Kevin Andres