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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Philosophy Student Quizzes Study Guide

Kianna Cooper
Alexus Uqdah
Philosophy Student Quizzes
February 14
1. What is altruism contrasted with? How does effective altruism relate to self-sacrifice?
2. What have Psychologists noticed in studying giving behavior?
-Some people give large amounts to one or two charities and some people give little amounts to a lot of charities.
3. In what class did Singer have the idea of donating a kidney?
4. When did altruistic kidney donation become legal in the United Kingdom?
5. What is the main concern for effective altruists? What do they do in their lives to live up to the true definition of effective altruism? What motivates effective altruists? (75-76)
-Worrying about the welfare of other to make life meaningful. They limit spending, choose different career paths, and donate empathy.
6. What are the four distinct components of empathy, as founded by the Interpersonal Reactivity Inventory? (70)
-Empathetic concerns, personal distress, perspective taking, and fantasy
7. What moral judgements do effective altruists share with utilitarians?(78)

February 16

1. Walking is a sport.         A) True       B) False
2. Walking brings suspensive freedom      A) True      B) False
3. Whatever Liberates you from time and space DOES NOT alienate you from speed.   A) True      B) False  
4. By walking, you escape from the idea of identity      A) True       B) False
5. Walking manages to free us from our illusions about the essential.     A) True      B) False
6. The Walking body has no history      A) True     B) False

February 21
1.) What book has the greatest impact on American political Philosophy?
-John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government (1690)
2.) What do many rappers see Hip Hop as?
-An oppositional culture
3.) What is one of the basic reasons for joining the state?
-Physical Protection or economic security
4.) What will the government have to do to be viewed as legitimate?
-They will have to place equal importance on citizens lives as members of the state.
5.) Chuck D and other fans viewed Hip Hop/ Rap music as?
-Black CNN
6.) Where did the roots of Hip Hop music come from?
-Black Poets, Watts Prophets, and Gil Scott
February 23
Section I:
1.) What is a pleasure?
-To Burn
2.) What does Montag think that Clarisse smells on him initially?
3.) What does Clarisse's uncle tell her to say when anyone asks for your age?
-Your 17 and your crazy
4.) What is the question that Clarisse asks Montag before she goes back into her walk?
-Are you happy?
Section II:
1.) What does book burning signify?
2.) Why do the firemen burn books?
-For the good of the people
3.) If Beatty has this vast knowledge about books, why does he work to burn them?
-He believes people are doing better by focusing on their own lives
4.) Why does Beatty believe that books divide people?
-They give everyone their own opinions and opinions clash.
5.) Are there forms of censorship occurring today like in Farenheit 451?
Section III:
1.)What is the inherent meaning of "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" ("Who watches the Watchmen?")?
2.) What is the definition of a distopia?


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