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Thursday, February 2, 2017

DQ Questions

Reincarnation also known for be born again in Christianity is a fancy way to kickstart "new year new you". I don't believe there is a new you getting started. Whenever you are able to know what you have done in the past and are able to make better choices your name, character and so forth will change. I don't believe you live an eternal death, if so someone please prove to me how.

I am very fascinated by the big crunch theory! Only problem is if the world falls into a black hole and starts over I can't see it! Man would I love to be able to see new born earth and watch the process, I guess that would make me a God or God. That would be cool. So if this does happen which I can't see it happening in my time spent on earth I won't experience it.

I certainly believe that my mind controls my body. In fact in the athletic environment that I compete in I wish so badly it was easier to exercise at the level I need to compete. Mental toughness is challenged nearly daily. Having the gym membership, owning the clothes, putting on your shoes and even showing up means NOTHING. The result doesn't actually happen until you DO the work. The work requires your mind to get past all of the other things you want to do and allow your body to perform the movements.

Questions of my own

After speaking with several people since moving here and being in the "bible belt" it made me wonder why certain areas of the world believe in supernatural existence over others. Why is that?

Why is it that if Christianity exist that we have to believe in him and something so great doesn't show himself?

Why is that if Christ exist that people in other countries are starving, getting there heads chopped off. If there was an almighty God wouldn't he not want these things to happen?

Or is this a way for human society to have a sense of whats ethical and to have a figure to "speak to, pray to, go to" and have someone see you as perfect since the real world does not.

If you do believe in Supernatural why do you not believe in the Big Bang Theory/ do you believe in evolution?

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