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Thursday, February 9, 2017

- Socrates Didn't Write, Was He Right? -
All we know about the great Philosopher Socrates is though the writings of his followers, namely Plato. Socrates thought that time is best spent speaking face to face in conversation rather than writing things down. I know that with the historical context in mind his opinion toward writing is appropriate considering that people were not used to the thought of physical representation of thought and reason. 
My background in highschool is in communications and I was taught to communicate face to face primarily and professionally. When I look at the generation that I am growing up in and the world of technology, I see many individuals that either refuse to or are incapable to communicate efficiently face to face with peers, adults, or individuals deserving respect. I do not mean to be disrespectful in any way with that statement, I just mean to state that the means by which people communicate in this day and age seems to be different than back in the time of Socrates. I do know that good business is done face to face even in today's world, and without this remaining nesessity there would be no place for people in the HR and communications/leadership fields.
Another issue that I see with the communications online specifically on social media as wonderful and inventive that means of communication it is, if you spend much time at all paying attention to the confidence in opinion that is represented in comments made online you will find many statements that quite often would not be made were the environment not behind a computer screen. 
I think there is equal significance in both verbal communications in social and private situations, and recording thoughts and ideas regarding beliefs, thoughts, conversations, and experiences in this world that we are living in.

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