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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy PDF - Section #9
[Olivia, Reagan, and Heather]
The quiz is separated into three sections
Chapter 2: Read Pg. 19-26
Chapter 10: Read Pg. 140-145
Chapter 13: Read Pg. 184-188

Quiz Questions:

Chapter 2
1) What is a "jam-yesterday-jam-tomorrow" good?
2) Explain G.E. Moore's idea of organic unity.
Chapter 10
3) What two philosophers take on the problem of perception in an Alice-like fashion? 
4) What gave Aldous Huxley a way to know things more objectively, apart from his normal and limited perspective?
Chapter 13
5) Which of the early Greco-Roman philosophers built his reputation largely upon exposing what he thought was the nonsense of tyranny?
6) Carroll is thought to be using nonsense in his book to teach us what?
Discussion Questions:
  • Have you ever went on a trip that consisted of plenty of bad experiences, but you still consider the trip a good experience overall? If so, explain. If not, do you believe that is a possibility?
  • Do you think that changing into different personalities to fit in with others causes oneself to lose who they truly are?  
  • Do you believe that only the sane can enjoy even the wildest poetry of insanity? If so, do you think it relates to the values of nonsense and curiosity being taught by Carroll in Alice in Wonderland.

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  1. Alice and Wonderland Quiz Answers

    1. It's a reflection on your life; when you have a memory you often think of the fun you had this past weekend and what your fun plans are for this upcoming weekend. But are you having fun today? Are you "jamming" today?

    2. The value of it's hole must not be assumed by it's value of it's parts.

    3. Plato & Chuang Tzu. Each write about self identity.

    4. Huxley took on learning things objectively

    5. Lewis Carroll

    6. Teaching us lessons about the values of nonsense and curiosity, and the dangers of Pathos as it relates to human tendacncy to control

    Discussion Questions:

    1. This is talking about the Jam yesterday and jam tomorrow but not today. How you reflect on a trip but you think of the good things out of it and not that it rained everyday on a 7 day cruise. During that time you were bummed that it rained everyday, but when asked about your time on vacation you think of all the great things that you did aside from the rain.

    2. I do believe it is important to be a chameleon and adapt to whom you are speaking to, just as you would talk perhaps a little more kind to a child. That doesn't make you lose who you are unless you are being "fake", adapting to the situation with anger, fear, kindness are all personalities characteristics that each situation brings us. Do we act a certain way with the guys, yes. Do we act a little different when our spouse is around, yes. It's just being mindful of the situation your in.

    3. There are times that I look at someone and see how happy they are and say " I want to be on there level." Truth in many cases they are just extremely happy & content with their lives. We/ I need to find happiness in today! Not jam tomorrow and jam yesterday :P

    Additional Quiz Questions

    Chapter 2.

    1. In Through The looking glass the White Queen offers Alice a job as her what?

    2. Moore is best known for describing what?

    Chapter 10.

    1. The argument of drugs can lead to a what?

    2. Aldous Huxley; what year was he born and when did he pass? ( __)

    Chapter 13

    1. Who built there reputation on exposing what he thought was nonsense and tyranny?

    2. Name the 3 points that needed to be appreciated in locating Carroll in relation to the Greco- Roman Background.

    Discussion Questions

    1. Describe a time you experienced no jam today; but Jam yesterday and Jam tomorrow.

    2. Do drugs make you more aware of what's going on in life, or a non realistic perspective.

    3. Is someone happy if every time you have ever seen them you have never seen then smile or speak to you?

    4. What makes someone happy? Money? Things? Relationships? Being Alone?

    5. Is fantasizing in it's own way a way to think of your goals/things you would like to have?