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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Philosophy Of Walking

Philosophy of Walking Quiz

  1.  Is walking a sport         A)True       B)False
  2. Walking brings suspensive freedom      A)True      B)False 
  3. Whatever Liberates you from time and space DOES NOT alienate you from speed.   A)True      B)False   
  4. By walking, you escape from the idea of identity      A)True       B)False
  5. Walking manages to free us from our illusions about the essential.     A)True      B)False
  6. The Walking body has no history      A)True     B)False

Philosophy of Walking DQs
  1. Do you like walking and talking when you get a chance in class?
  2. would you consider walking a sport?
  3. Does walking bring you peace?
  4. What do you usually think about when you are walking?
  5. Would you rather take a walk to get away or take a break?
  6. Do you think walking is a good escape for your daily life?
  7. Should school systems have students walk more during the day so they can relax and recharge?
  8. Do you not like walking?
  9. Can the power of walking create world peace?
  10. Does Walking put you in a better mood?    
Cool video that describes the overall benefits of walking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-r4nNSwbQE


  1. 1. I do like walking and talking when we get to in class.
    2. I would not consider walking a sport.
    3. Walking does bring me peace if I am in a peaceful place like the woods.
    4. I think about a variety of things like life and my future.
    5. I would rather take a break than go on a walk.
    6. Walking is a good escape from your daily life.
    7. School systems should because students work so much that they need time off to just relax.
    8. I do like walking most of the time.
    9. I do think walking could help people be more peaceful but I wouldn't go as far as to say it would create world peace.
    10. Walking does put me in a better mood if I am stressed out.

  2. We still need you to post your assigned reading.

  3. Alexus Uqdah 8


    1. I do enjoy to walk and talk whenever It is an option, I think it improves my thought process and overall experience in the class.

    2. I would not consider walking a sport. It definitely is an action and exercise and there are wonderful benefits from it, but being raised athletic and playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, and also doing competitive cheer, I would not consider it a sport.

    3. I think walking can be peaceful, it helps me clear my mind and keeps me from stressing a lot.

    4. I think about a number of different things depending on the day, my feelings, and situation. So that is hard to answer.

    5. I would probably take a walk as my break to be honest. I mean it really depends on what I am trying to get away from.

    6. I think it can be considered an escape, but I find that walking actually helps me find solutions to problems in life and eases those problems.

    7. I think that in a way school systems do incorporate walking already, but maybe that is just where I come from. I think if school systems begin to teach how to critically assess things while they are walking then yes, it becomes an even greater thing to implement because other wise what separates it from the walking students do to get from class to class or the physical activities they participate in in P.E.

    8. I do enjoy walking.

    9. I think world peace is a push. I feel like that is an unattainable thing no matter what we do. So, my answer is no because what is stopping people from coming up with creative ways to break laws or attack other countries while they are walking?

    10. Yes, it does.

  4. 1. Yes, I do like walking and talking when I get a chance in class.
    2. I would not consider walking a sport
    3. Walking does bring me peace, but I have to be located in a peaceful environment.
    4. I usually think about a lot of things it just depends on the day.
    5. It just depends on the situation and what I am trying to get away from.
    6. Sometimes walking can be an escape for my daily life, but most of the time while I am walking I am thinking about things I have to deal with regularly.
    7. Yes school systems should allow students to walk more.
    8. I like walking
    9. No, I do not think walking can create world peace.
    10. Yes

  5. Devin Willis9:28 PM CST

    Devin Willis-8
    1. Yes, I do like walking and talking when I get a chance.
    2. I would consider walking a sport, since is in the Olympics.
    3. Yes walking brings me peace.
    4. When I'm walking I usually think about life and my aspirations.
    5. Talk a walk or do some sort of activity.
    6. Yes walking is a good escape from life, because your able to think for yourself and be isolated.
    7. Yes they should absolutely.
    8. I do like walking.
    9. No
    10. Yes

  6. 8 - DQ
    1. I do! It gives you the chance to stretch your legs and mind after the lecture. Often times we leave class and run off to the next thing we have to do, and don't get to think about what we just learned.
    2. I do consider walking a sport.
    3. walking does bring me peace. Especially when you aren't walking TO somewhere, just walking.
    4. Life! I think about the things that have been dominating my thoughts, I think about the things that have been overshadowed by those thoughts.
    5. Those could be considered the same thing - so both!
    6. I think it could be if I made the time for it.
    7. I don't think so. There is already so much walking we do around campus, sometimes it wears me out!
    8. I do like walking.
    9. I think that walking can bring about ideas that could lead to world peace, but safari as the doing, it is going to take more than a little walking.
    10. walking does put me in a better mood. When I take the time and just get out there and do it, it feels great!