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Monday, February 6, 2017

How to tell what's real & what's fake

Senior Librarian David Nelson suggests these sites, to help separate good from bad sources:

How to determine an authoritative information resource from other types of information resources:

1. University of Georgia Libraries

This is useful because it draws the distinction between scholarly writing and other forms of writing.

2. University of Nevada Reno Libraries

This has the 6 criteria to help objectively determine the authoritativeness of a site.

3. California State University Libraries
This is the CRAAP test which is a useful mnemonic.

Fake news
This is a very useful outline of fake news and avoids listing any site as fake or not.


The categories listed will help students to think and ask questions about what they are reading or hearing. As I mentioned, I think it is ultimately an epistemological problem involving semantics. The site above refers to the emotional appeal as a major feature of fake news over the intellect where the actual meaning of words are important

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