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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Game of Thrones and Philosophy- Logic Cuts Deeper than Swords 

Olivia, Tristan, Clifton 

Quiz  Questions 
1. What do we consider when we think about whether or not a person is good or bad?

2. What does Tyrion's act of leading a small group of men against a much larger group say about him?

3. What can play a substantial role in molding our moral characters?

4. What do we think we should praise or blame people for?

5. What is circumstantial luck?

6. According to Immanuel Kant, how should moral praise and blame be determined?

7. What's the problem with moral luck? 

Discussion Questions
1. Do you believe that circumstance can play a role in shaping morals?

2. Do you think people should be praised or blamed for things they have no control over?

3. Have you ever been blamed or praised for something that was out of your control?

4. Have you ever found out about a moral or characteristic you had when a situation presented itself for that moral/characteristic to be used?

5. How important are morals to you? 

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