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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Discussion Questions for 2/23/17
Nathan Stickles (Section#9)

 - I am not afraid of death because I am a Child of God, and through my faith in Him I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will spend Eternity with him in Heaven. Because of this, I do my best to live my life to bring His name glory and honor because of what He has done for me through His son Jesus Christ. I know my soul lives on in a glorified body, but I will not spend any more time on the earth, so I live my life to make my little bit of existence better in the way that I treat the people around me.

 - Yes I live for pleasures in this life, but I do not find true pleasure in the way that the world finds pleasure. I find deep fulfillment in encouraging people, and teaching them things that I am passionate about. I enjoy sports and exercising my body to stay as fit as possible. but I can resinate with the though of true epicureanism in that I long to live a "simple" life, and not have desires for super expensive tastes in food and drink. I want to live healthy, and that can sometimes be expensive, but not in the super fancy way that was discussed in the chapter.

 - I have been to several funerals, but my experience has been that of learning more about the person at their funeral than I knew about them before. I have not lost someone close to me per say, but death is is a situation that is easier when the soul of the person belonged to Jesus before their passing.

 - Like I said earlier, I believe in a Heaven and Hell, and I believe that The Lord only knows the true hearts of man, and if your name is not written in the book of life you will not spend eternity in paradise with the Lord God Almighty. With that said, it is hard to lose someone you care about, but if that individual's heart had placed its trust in God the Father, then that individual is truly in a better place. With that thought, I live my life to show that I am strong in life, and confident in death. To be super real, my children will not have to mourn my passing because i have confidence in My Lord. and I will raise them knowing that the God that I serve is a Good God and wants good things for his children. they will know where I am, and Lord willing they will follow me.

 - I personally think that it was mostly a evasion of the reality that people secretly dreaded about what all humans know in their hearts to be true. I think that everyone is in some way aware of the fact that there is an afterlife, and for those who so to want to accept it form their idea that there couldn't be one. People want to believe that it does't really matter how we live our lives, and we can live them however we want to without the looming end of our lives that is closer every second we are alive.

 - the question is do you think the Stoics were right in saying you can always choose what kind of an attitude you will have in the mist of certain events, and I would say that the initial emotion that may or may not affect the way you respond to certain situation can be situational. the initial emotional response to a situation that an individual has has a lot to do with how that particular person was raised. If you were raised in a home that exhibited respect for elders and love dispute differences (for example), then when an individual is in a situation that does not exhibit those ideals, his/her first response may be that of anger, or disappointment. I think that the choice that the Stoics were talking about,  has to do with the emotion that is then expressed by that particular individual in response too that potentially shocking situation.

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