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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#8- Led Zeppelin & Philosophy- Emily, Michael, Brandon
 Read Chapter 2 (previously posted)
1. What does the Greek term "Rhapsode" mean?
2. What does the philosopher Immanuel Kant mainly study?
3. How many members are in the group Led Zeppelin?
4. Name one of Zeppelin's songs.

1. Do you believe in the concept  phenomenology and music's ability to manipulate human emotions?
2.Do you believe in utilitarianism? What is the best way to maximize the overall level of happiness in your own life?
3. Do you agree with Immanuel Kant's ideology of what makes up an artistic genius? Do you think there is a subjective definition for being an artistic genius?


  1. Alexus Uqdah 8

    -yes I believe Music has the ability to manipulate emotions

    -I am not sure how to maximize my own happiness, but I do often find myself listening to music and trying not to stress. That normally makes me happy.

    - I think yes, the idea of musical genius is subjective because people I consider musical geniuses may not be to you.

  2. Alternate Discussion question:

    -Was Led Zeppelin too destructive in trying to be have fun and create pleasure?

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