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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Discussion Questions -
Section 9

 - Going about your life doubting and questioning everything would create a situation in which would be hard to be happy in my opinion. In order to find satfaction in something, I think that you have to be able to form some kind of solid idea of what can make you happpy and in saying that you will have contradicted the idea of a skeptic. Also, in order to live your life in overt o move forward and literaly eat to stay alive you have to form the vary idea to make the decision to literaly stay alive. So, I would venture to say that in order for an individual to actually literally continue to go on living a healthy life, one has to fundamentally make a description to do that or we would die. We would not live at all!!

 - I am skeptical I feel in the way that many of us are in the lives that we live. Skeptical in terms of like TV commercials and adds, and in articles that are not from reliable sources. I think that in order to form a largely definitive decision on something, you have to have researched the topic in depth. In other ways I think that I am trusting in terms of people, and when I am told something by someone whom I respect and admire I m not the first one to question the idea.

 - If you decided that you were not going to be held down by the burden of making decisions, or being committed to literally anything, you have paradoxically committed yourself to being committed to not being committed! So the idea is that someone who believes that they have no control on the world is found looking before they cross the street, they may not fully believe that it may or may not be your time to go.

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