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Monday, March 20, 2017

"Why Does the World Exist?" - Clayton and Maddy (10)

Quiz Questions:
1. What is nothing according to Macbeth? Holt?
2. What does "Ex nihilo nihil fit" mean?
3. According to Henri Bergson what was always left when you try to imagine absolute nothingness?
4. According to Stoltz, what is the purpose of life?
5. What was Descartes famous phrase which he tried to prove existence?
6. What are the two conceptual requirements that the self must meet?

Discussion Questions:
1. Which argument against nothingness do you agree with more, the observer argument or the container argument?

2. Does the idea of nothing make you uneasy? Why?

3.Richard Dawkins calls us "the lucky ones", whereas Sophocles declares " Never being born is best of all." So who do you agree with more?

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