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Monday, March 20, 2017

9 - Philosophy: The Classics (Chapters 13, 16, & 21)

Click here for PDF of reading.

Quiz Questions:

  1. What is the general will and what does it aim at?
  2. In Rousseau’s ideal state, who is the sovereign? 
  3. What type of government would Rousseau count the United States and the United Kingdom’s governments as?
  4. Thomas Paine played a great role in what two revolutions?
  5. What was the long pamphlet that Paine first achieved fame with?
  6. What were the first two parts of Rights of Man a response to?
  7. What is Division on Labor?
  8. What was Marx and Engels' idea on historical materialism?

Discussion Questions:
  • Do you agree with Rousseau that it is not paradoxical to achieve civil freedom by means of force?
  • Do you think the American Revolution would have turned out the same if Paine hadn’t published Common Sense?

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