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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Simpsons and Philosophy-Lily H. and Savannah H.

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  1. Quiz Answers

    1. Phronesis

    2. Admirabley, courage, loving and affectionate towards marge

    3. Aristotle

    4. Socrates, optimist

    5. Plato

    Discussion Questions
    1. I haven't watched the show before, so I watched a brief clip online and noticed there was a lot of "cartooning" too make each individual extremely unique, such as Marge crazy wild blue hair. I also noticed there was a ton of characters throughout the show that I could associate someone whom I have met in my life. The indian guy at the Kwick-Mart, Bart the crazy wild kid and even Homer with him careless health.

    2. I'm not sure if Marge represents women of the 50's because I wasn't born during that time. I can say that she resembles nothing of the 21st century women. Women now take control, are independent and wouldn't "put up with" Homer. She gets verbally abused and used in the show, not respected and often is just left without love and attention.

    3. The thought of if the show is sexiest is an interesting point of view. I'm not sure if it's sexiest but it's definitely a representation of a lot of men in the 1970-1990 careless act of drinking, drugs and the women are there to fix and cook everything. Which is turn is of course extremely disrespectful to women. Does a man treating his wife like this make him sexiest? No, it just makes him a poor family man in his relationship and that's what the Simpsons in doing. They are making fun of the poor reality of men.

    Additional Quiz Questions:

    1. Who's sandwich did he eat knowingly that it wasn't his because it was marked with xyz name on the bag.

    2. What parenting advice to Homer give to Bart when he was having relationship struggles with Mrs. Krabappel?

    3. Aristotle emphasized the importance of what? Something Homer did not have, although he had many "buddies."

    4. What did Homer do in attempt to fix Marge and Homers marriage?

    5. It's clear that our world is chaotic, meaningless and ________, the Simpons universe is even more so.

    Additional Discussion Questions

    1. Do you find humor in the Simpsons?

    2. Do you think the show is making fun of what is actually a reality in our lives today?

    3. If this show is so disturbing why has the show ran for nearly 30 years? Do people find humor in the sadness that this is reality in our country?

    4. How will Lisa turn out? Will she go mad and start doing drugs? Will she remain optimistic? Will she give up and run to another planet? To another city? Much like we would if we couldn't take it anymore, what will she do?