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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

#9 Batman, Superman, and Philosophy

Chapter 3 Quiz Questions:
1. Why is evolution and natural selection exclusive things?
2. Who did Ben Springett say would be a more effective superhero?
Chapter 3 Discussion Questions:
1. Why do individuals practice altruistic behavior?

Chapter 7 Quiz Questions:
1. Which philosopher made outright disturbing claims about the types of values Clark Kent personifies?
2. How did the original "bad" men cause a moral reversal where the "good" became "bad"?
3. What character laments this shift in moral views?
Chapter 7 Discussion Questions:
1. Does Batman wish to save others from harm as a purely altruistic goal, or does he wish to thwart and punish those who have not harmed him directly, but remind him of the individual who killed his parents?

Chapter 17 Quiz Questions:
1. What did King Oedipus put on that made him seem like a hero?
2. What is the special property of Batman's mask?
3. Batman's effectiveness relies on what as intimidation?
Chapter 17 Discussion Questions:
1. Why are we naturally disposed toward intimidation?

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  1. Batman, Superman, & Philosophy Quiz Answer

    1. The process and debate between whom is the "fittest survive" between Batman and Superman talks about evolution and natural selection. It's frequently stated that Batman has more of a realistic character because he uses his photographic memory, his fighting skills to defeat crime. The chapter talks about the bats with echolocation are more likely to find a mate and reproduce making them apart of evolution and pass on the traits of echolocation.

    2. Superman, he able capable of reaching a larger group than battman.

    Additional Quiz Questions

    1. When on Earth what happens to Superman?

    2. Why would our own Survival be more likely if Superman on earth?

    3. Who is the Father of Evolution?

    4. Natural Selection does just _______ to get by.

    5. Describe how the the bats use Echolocation.

    6. Whom is considered to be the fittest possible man (besides Rich Froning :p)?

    7. What is Morphology?

    8. What is Superman's one weakness?

    9. Who saved 1,000 lives during the holocaust?

    Additional Discussion Questions:

    1. What is your view on Evolution? Or do you believe Jesus Christ created everything (or something/someone else)

    2. Who is your favorite character, Batman or Superman?

    3. Do you think there should be someone like Batman that can do the things he does? Sure we have police to enforce laws. But wouldn't if be cool if a "Batman" was accepted?