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Monday, March 13, 2017

Canine philosophy

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  1. The idea of perfection is a very subjective definition but, for the sake of the assignment, I will use the definition of perfection that defines it as the idea of an object, abstract or concrete, without any flaws. By my own personal experience I have felt that the representation of something is always better when it is real, so the idea of something perfect is always going to lack perfection because it lacks the property of existing somewhere else than in my mind. In example, the idea of the perfect ice cream cone in my head is never going to be as good as the actual ice cream cone in my hand and having the actual access to eat it instead of the idea of the perfect ice cream cone harming me with elevating my expectations and missing the physical property that satisfies my wanting of the perfect ice cream cone which started my imagining of the perfect ice cream cone.
    The “perfect” ice cream cone can only exist in the real world and not in my imagination because the imagination is never real but an abstract process of our cognitive ability to create models of unreal things to satisfy many needs in our lives. This only proves that the only thing that gets closest to be perfect in the universe is conceived by only nature itself. Natural things can never be perfect because nature is full of flaws because nature is about the flowing of matter in space and time. The idea of “perfectness” is not perfect and the “perfect” idea does not exist.