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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sex Within The Republic

Plato's "The Republic" Book V

1.)    What must women receive in order to have the same duties as men?
2.)    Who are the best of citizens?
3.)    What does the character of Socrates say of the man who laughs at naked women exercising?
4.)    What is the purpose of the proposed festivals?
5.)    What is to be done in the instance a woman is impregnated through incest?
-Sex is a popular topic in today's culture.  The fact that you can't turn on a television without seeing a sexualized commercial or open up a magazine without some reference to sex is troubling to some.  What is your opinion on the great role sex plays in this age?
-Plato alludes to the idea of arranged marriages.  Today, arranged marriages are common in many societies.  How would you feel if you were forced into and arranged marriage?
-Should abortion be allowed in cases of incest?  Why or why not?

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