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Sunday, March 26, 2017

John McLean, Leith El-Mohammed "The Ultimate Game Of Thrones"


Q: Why is Tyrion judged more harshly than others?
A: He is a dewarf. (page 39)

Q: What does Tyrion tell Lord Vary concering the future?
A: "The Future is shit, just like the past" (page 42)

Q:In Book III of Nicomachean Ethics, what two types of of actions does Aristotle talk about?
A: Voluntary and Involuntary (page 47)

Q:Why was the mad king considered a tyrant?
A: "His love of Violence" (page 50)

Discussion Questions

Sarte claims there is no "true self." Do you agree with Sarte? How would you define "True Self." Page 38

Is a justified evil still evil?
Page 49

Like Tyrion have you ever been judged for something you have no control over?
page 39.

How much does the past affect ones future?
Page 43

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