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Monday, March 20, 2017

Sports of Philosophy-10. LaTiffah, Richard, Zach & Anthony.

Quiz Questions : Phil Jackson Eleven Rings.
1, What did Phil like about Tex's system from a leadership perspective?
2. What are qualities of great leaders?
3. Why did Phil Jackson give Shaq a copy of Siddhartha?

Tony Dungy : Quiet Strength. 
4. What philosophy did Tony try to sell to his team?
5. Name 3 things that Tony said that players could easily hang a poor season on if they choose to?
6. Why did Chuck Noll say champions are champions?

Discussion Questions :
1. Do you think putting aside your ego is necessary to succeed in a team activity? Why or why not?
2. Should a coach be the only team leader?

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  1. Quiz Answers.

    1. It depersonalized criticism, it gave him the ability to critique players performance without making them think I was attacking them personally.

    2. You have to learn to give before you receive any return. Leadership isn't about forcing your will on others, it's about mastering the art of letting go.

    3. He thought it might inspire Shaq to reexamine his attachment to material possessions. Everyone has to find there own spiritual path and buying more toys was not going to get him there.

    4. No excuses, no explanation.

    5. Team is trying to move cities, they never win in the cold, the never get the luck on the refs, new coaching staff, had to learn entire new offensive and defensive plays

    6. Not because they do any extraordinary, but because they do the ordinary better than anyone else.

    Discussion Questions
    1. Having an Ego and Confidence are different and you can even have both of them to succeed on a team so long it doesn't put other players down. If you demoralize your teammates because of your alter ego then it could negatively effect the team. However if you are funny and the guys get laughs out of you because of your fame, they look up to you.

    2. The coach isn't the only leader. Players or anyone have to step up so the players get another point of reference and backs up what the coach is already saying. This builds more trust in the coach and value in the message.

    Additional Quiz Questions.

    1. What year did Phil Jackson take over the Lakers?

    2. What did Phil use with his previous team the Bulls to help rid the distractions of the media?

    3. Who did Phil Jackson play for during his back injury where he had to sit out half the season?

    4. Jordan left basketball for a year and a half for what sport?

    5. Name 3 things Tampa Coach told his team they were expected of:

    6. One of the first articles in the local newspaper talking about Tampa stated what?

    7. What did Tampa coach advise his players to do if his yelling voice didn't "motivate" them?

    Additional Discussion Questions

    1. What are some qualities you noticed by a bad coach/teacher compared to a good coach/teacher?

    2. What defines a good leader?

    3. Can you be a good coach/teacher if you haven't experienced what the players/students have gone through? Example: A basketball coach that didn't play basketball at a high level.

    4. What gets "buy in" with a coach/teacher/manager?

    5. Do you have to "like" your coach/teacher/manager in order for your organization/company to be successful?