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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekly Essay: Your Why

Have you ever had a coach you just didn't like? Did you have a hard time doing what he asked of you? Did you not want to do it for him? If so, why? Did we not like him or her because of his appearance and we already wrote them off? I have recently learned this in my communications class to be wrong. We aren't supposed to self evaluate the messenger based of looks. We are supposed to listen to the message for what the message has to say, reason with and then make an education choice on to agree/disagree. I had a new basketball coach take place of the coach I had for the past several years because he had passed. I had already pre determined that I wasn't going to like this new guy. I wanted my old coach, his ways, his style, his teaching, the experience I had gone through to build rapport with him. It was my senior year and things were supposed to be getting easy for me. With a new coach I was faced with an entire different set up challenges that I had already copped out of in my mind, and that's why I failed.  I failed because three weeks later I quit the team. I was a highly ranked point guard in the state of Texas and let a new coach strip away my road ahead of me in three weeks. I'm older now,  and see that my why wasn't strong enough. This response shows that I was doing things to make others happy and if didn't get along with or couldn't satisfy that other person (the coach) then there wasn't a point in continuing. Any time we are struggling with adversity look back to your why, why you are in this class, why you are enrolled at MTSU, why you are working the job you at and so on. You may be simply reminded that all of things may be leading to something greater that you are chasing, and that's what matters to you.

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