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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Nathan, Laura, Jacob, and Taylor group report (section #9)
Ethics in the Real World

The Value of a Pale Blue Dot
Quiz Questions: 

1) what led to the picture of the Earth that made it look like the pale blue dot? 
  1. who used the pale blue dot in their film?
    3) what was the film called? 

Discussion Questions: 
1) do you think our actions on the pale blue dot are of any major consequence in the long term? - do you think our actions here affect the outcome of the events in the universe?
2) would you support actions to preserve this planet for a long as possible? - do you think we have the responsibility to do so?
3) do you believe that this really is the only place in the galaxy/universe for us? - do you think we will someday find a new home for ourselves? 

Does Anything Matter 
Quiz Questions -
1) who wrote the book "On What Matters"?
2) What are Parfit's real interests? 

Discussion Question - 
 - what are your views on moral judgment? 

Godless Morality 
Quiz Questions - 
1) If morality does not come from God, where does the author(s) say it could come from?
2) How many subjects did they pole about how they would answer the three situational morality question? 
Discussion Questions - 
  • Where do you think your moral compass came from: millions of years of animals changing into the human race watching the best way to act for that time and place, or that you were born with a moral code given to humans by a divine being that allows you to make moral decisions if you listen to it?
  • How would you answer the theoretical morality questions posed in the text?   

Rights for Robots & Dream for the Digital Age 
Rights for Robots?

Discussion Question:
• How will we be able to coexist with a seemingly conscious artificial intelligence?
• Is the estimated date of 2070 for the singularity event to occur accurate? Will we see it in our lifetimes?
• How will we continue to integrate with artificial robotic intelligence?

Quiz Questions:
• What company announced its fully autonomous personal companion home care robot also known as Carebot?
• What is the name of Hanson Robotics’ artificially intelligent robot? Who is he named after?
• Where was the robot world cup held?

A Dream for the Digital Age

Discussion Questions:
• Is the Internet a necessity moving forward in developing countries?
• Should having Internet access be placed over world crises such as finding immunities to diseases and solving world hunger?
• Does the Internet have a role to play in solving these global issues?

Quiz Questions:
• Who launched internet.org?
• Who suggested that Internet access is not as high of a demand as other worldly issues?
• How many people worldwide are without Internet access?

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