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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real

 Quiz Question:

  1.       Based on the Author, Cypher is making a big mistake by doing what?
  2.      What are the three main categories of the real?
  3.    What is the word used to describe the Buddhist idea of a dependent origination?
  4.    The mind stops when it does what?

       Discussion Questions:

     ·         John Stuart Mill wrote, “It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied” (Mill, p. 10). Do you agree with him? Why?
     ·         How would you handle it if someone came and told you that everything you believed since now is a lie and that he/she is there to open your eyes to the truth?
     ·         How would you know something is “real”?

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  1. Matrix and Philosophy


    1. In choosing to lead his life for pleasure alone, he presupposes that pleasure is the only thing that makes his life worth living.

    2. Dreamworld, unreal and real.

    3. Maya

    4. Be careful to not place to importance on the images we see.

    Discussion Questions

    1. I'm not sure what it is like to be a pig since I cannot empathize with the pig. I will say that I don't like being dissatisfied. That often leads to anger, frustration, bitter, and sadness. Being satisfied is just the opposite of course. I feel content, happy, pleased, fulfilled and have peace.

    2. I would think who are you to tell me these things? Who are you? I may not give them the time of the day after being presented with that OR I would begin to ask him/her questions of why. I also think that if someone is trying to make you believe something of difference that they probably have a large amount of backing evidence to make you believe them.

    3. I have confidence in my senses that things are real. My eyes, touch, hear, and smells. I don't think twice if something is real unless it's "so unreal" ha. " I can't believe what I just saw". Typically something out of the extraordinary, but I still have confidence in what I saw, it was just rare.

    Additional Quiz Questions

    1. Who had the skeptical doubt inspired by the Matrix and ______.

    2. What does Nozick say about our bodies?

    3. What is said to be learned besides having wealth, beauty, and or fame?

    4. Why does the Matrix expose us to skepticism philosophers have?

    5. This means that whatever is real is ______. Why?

    6. When talking about the "minds" who's minds are considered?

    7. Name 4 of the sub categories or the dreamworld.

    8. Morpheus quotes what?

    9. What does Buddha mean?

    Discussion Questions.

    1. What do you see/think of when you see yourself in the mirror or a reflection?

    2. When having a dream are you ever able to "see" yourself?

    3. Are there things more valuable than fame, beauty and wealth? Are those the only things that will make you "successful"?

    4. Do you give much thought to times such as " you just drove 35 minutes" and don't remember a thing? How do you view "auto pilot"?

    5. How routine are we? What would the world be like if we had to "start" over everyday. Fight for our lives everyday, no grocery stores, or housing. Everyday we didn't have the luxuries we have today. What would the world be like?