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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

FQ's, DQ's and such. 008-001


1) Who was Minerva and what was she associated with? (LH 126)

2) Who did Georg Willhelm Friedrich Hegel inspire, that stirred revolutions? (LH 127)

3) Which Philosopher declared that most of Hegel's sentences expressed nothing at all?
(LH 127)

4) What was the glorious dawn? (LH 127)

5) (T/F) Hegel was heavily influenced by Immanuel Kant. (LH 128)

6) Schopenhauer said "Life is ______ and it would be ____ to not have been ______". (LH 132)

7) Which philosopher's message was very similar to Buddha's? (LH 132)

8) What is the phenomenal world? (LH 133)

9) _________ is a copy of the Will itself. (LH 135)

10) What does "obit anus, abit onus" mean? (LH 136)

11) What is the purpose of dialectic? (PB 145)

12) What are antinomies? (PB 147)

13) What is freedom according to Hegel? (PB 151)


1) Do you believe that we can learn about ourselves and our beliefs, reaching greater decisions, if we discuss these things with someone with an opposing view?

2) Do you believe that you can achieve enlightenment  by recognizing that there is no "self"?

3) Do you believe that humans can never be satisfied? Why or why not?  Is it depressing?

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  1. A link to a fantastic song that is all about humans never being satisfied. Enjoy!