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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


My daughter the film major seems to agree with you Tarantino fans in #H1...
in response to osopher:
Too much gore for me in his films. Unlike you I’m more repulsed than bored by it. (Do I take it too seriously?) Apparently he’s cinematically brilliant, almost everybody says so. But is he also humane? Looking forward to your Annie Hall review. La-di-da… Sent from my iPhone >
I think it is good for people to not be able to distance themselves from gore. Since coming to film school, it has changed from being shocked by it to wondering how they accomplished shocking other people. I don’t know that humane is the right word to describe Tarantino. I’ve been lucky enough to not be exposed to such violence, but I know that it exists. Tarantino is brilliant, in my opinion, because he is able to have a compelling story that is behind the violence. If you can stomach gore, I recommend Pulp Fiction over his other film I’ve seen, Reservoir Dogs. I hope to get the review for Annie Hall up either Tuesday or Wednesday.

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