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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

post #1 Class 12 for philosophy on altruism from different philosophers points of view.

Frederick Nietzsche was a German philosopher and he was an anti-realist. With Nietzsche being a perfectionist, it makes it hard to look at altruism the same way. Being a perfectionist makes him feel obligated to due certain things. Whether it is a good deed or bad. Altruism is the obligation or practice of helping others selflessly. With feeling a need to do something and receiving satisfaction from it, makes it not a selfless deed. This is because of the emotions that are felt after the deed is done. If he felt nothing, then it would be altruistic, but if he does feel positive then he is selfish. Nietzsche sometimes will attack religions such as Christian or catholic. He is not a religious man. If people are religious and think they are acting altruistic, then they are wrong because the motive behind the good will. The motive is to get to heaven. With a purpose to achieve something is once again not considered a selfless deed.

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  1. He's not a conventionally religious man, but he is fervent in his passion for (his own) philosophy.

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