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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Charlie Aday

Section 8 group 1

first post about my essay

Isn't going to be religious. lol

What is philosophy about? For the most part I think it is a very valuable subject for everyone to take. If you have an idea about life or a religion, or for lack of better term “belief system” philosophy can put you in touch with people who are maybe likeminded, but more importantly it can put you in touch with people who are not. We all know that I am a Christian I’m sure I have made that clear. But the one thing that I’m sure that I’m lacking on sharing with you all is how much I love to learn about other religions. I have studied (without argument) with people of a lot of faiths. I like to have my mind expounded upon by the thoughts and beliefs of others. Not just religiously though, I like culturally learning the (ins and outs) of different cultures. Even within our own country, one can seriously learn about the world. I don’t have the “well you are in America now” mentality. I have the “share with me how things are done in your region of the world” mentality. In my next couple of posts I will share with you all a comparison and contrast of philosophers who think like me verses some who could have been deemed to have the viewpoint of a lot of Christians today such as (I am right, what you think doesn’t matter, even if you just want to discuss it, because I am right). Do not believe in anything so much that if tangible evidence is offered, you shun it away. To me, that is a fool.


  1. You're a pluralist (like me), Charlie, believing (as Wm James said) that "even the sickroom has its revelations." All points of view contribute to the total tapestry of reality. If more people thought this way, there'd be a lot less violent conflict in the world.

  2. To me, your post speaks of the approach of the scholar, ever seeking to learn. We may or may not be changed by what we learn but that learning is invaluable either way in at least the sense of understanding.