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Monday, April 27, 2015

Evan Dunne - Animals & Whatnot, Part 2 - Section 8 - Group 3

Evan Dunne
Blog Post #1
Section 8

Group 3 (Philthy Philosophers)

Animals & Whatnot
Part 2 – Another introspective analysis, including ideas pertaining to the correlation between animals and sport. More internal conflicts? Perhaps?

So, let’s get the gasps out of the way.


These images disgust me. I find it appalling that another human being is capable of killing an animal that poses no apparent threat to us, simply for the sake of pride, fun, or even just a photograph. Moreover, I would claim that I find it appalling that humans are capable of forcing animals to fight one another for entertainment.

Similar to this:

Incredible! You even have the option of paralyzing your opponent’s creature before you pummel it into submission. But do not fret, Pokémon fans. I may or may not locate an old Pokémon game cartridge over every Christmas Break and relish in its nostalgia. I’m not going to play the holier-than-thou card and tell you that the game encourages taking advantage of animals in order to fulfill your own desire for entertainment. But does it?

In reality animals don’t just faint after a battle. We can’t take them to a hospital and heal them in a few seconds. Moreover, I can’t will myself to justify the killing of animals such as giraffes and elephants. 

However, I enjoy fishing. 
Some people throw the fish back into the water, and some people cook the fish. Some fish are thrown back and given the chance to live. Some are utilized for sustenance. However, how would we feel if we suddenly found ourselves with a large hook impaling the roofs of our mouths and protruding through our foreheads? Does the lack of remorse stem from the same root as the issue I discussed in the first part of blog posts? Perhaps we permit the suffering of fish because we eat them. Personally, I feel disgusted at the image of the two chickens fighting, but I eat chicken. Does my sympathy, and perhaps even empathy, for these creatures stem from a different root?

Regardless, I find myself torn on this issue. I’m not certain where I stand. My initial response would be to say, “The use of any animals for sport and entertainment is wrong and should not be tolerated.” This statement would define me as hypocrite. Fishermen, duck hunters, quail hunters, deer hunters and Pokémon trainers, are we at the root of the problem of hurting animals we care about for the sake of fun?


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