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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Breanna Martin- Blog post #2 Sec 008

This I Believe: GreedCourage the cowardly dog edition.

Greed is the wanting of an excess amount of things that are not needed. We can all be greedy, some more than others. Stereotypically, more wealthy people are greedier. Greed can bring dire consequences. This brings me to another episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog called Kings Ramses’ Curse.
This episode starts with a pair of robbers, trying to get away from a high speed-police chase. They had stolen from a museum and did not want to get caught. They decided to stop, literally in the middle of nowhere, and bury this item they had found. After the buried it, a strange force came and took them away. The next morning courage was digging in the dirt, and happened to find the artifact that the robbers had buried, which was this: King Ramses’ Slab
Image result for king ramses tablet

Courage was not positive what it was so he brought it to Muriel. At the same time, Eustace happened to be watching the news, where they happen to be giving out a reward for whoever found the slab and returned it. When Eustace had saw the slab, he grabbed it from courage and claimed, he was rich! That night, undead king Ramses came to retrieve his slab, but of course Eustace was too greedy to let it go. So of course king Ramses set out plagues, and almost destroyed his family and his home. Finally Eustace had enough and threw the slab back to king Ramses.  When the last plague stops, Eustace reclaims the slab back from kings Ramses, and taunts him about it. Then, King Ramses got fed up and attacked Eustace. This goes to show that Greed can hold major consequences. Greed can ruin you, your family and everything else you care about. 

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  1. And which philosophers would most eagerly embrace this message, do you think, besides Marx?