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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quiz April 21

1. Charles Sanders Peirce said truth is what we would end up if we could what? 166

The essence of belief is the establishment of a habit; and different beliefs are distinguished by the different modes of action to which they give rise.
Charles Sanders Peirce's quote #1 

2. William James gave an example of the pragmatic approach to philosophical questions by discussing what scenario (or what dispute)? 164

3. Who made fun of James's theory of truth by saying it meant he had to believe in Santa Claus? 168
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4. Was Friedrich Nietzsche speaking literally when he said "God is dead"? 171

5. What did Sigmund Freud consider the "third great revolution" in thought?  177

6. What does Aaron Ridley call the Greeks' insight, prior to Socrates? PB 174

BONUS:Rob Talisse says religious belief for James has nothing to do with what? 195

1. Will there ever be an end of science, or a complete catalog of truths?

2. Do you agree that a "distinction without a (practical) difference" is irrelevant, and that truth and falsehood are practically the same if you can't specify the difference? 

3. When James said truth is what works, did he mean what works for me, now? Or for us, on the whole and in the long run? Does this matter, practically? Does it bear on Bertrand Russell's criticism?

4. "Nietzsche is dead." (-God): comment.

5. Is the "unconscious" real? Can it be studied scientifically?

6. Can the forces of reason and irrationality be effectively balanced? Do you attempt such a balance in your own life and personality? Explain.

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