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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Procrastinators, take heart

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Final Reports. Final solo reports (except for those of you who earn Bonus Exemptions-see our blogsite's sidebar) are to include a series of three blog posts on an approved subject totaling 1,000 words (2,000 for Honors students) plus a related 3-5 minute class presentation beginning April 21 (everyone be present and ready, please). Include pertinent images, videos, links etc. See the "Important Dates" calendar/sidebar for blog post due-dates.
  • Write/present a philosophical/biographical exploration of a post-Cartesian (after Descartes) philosopher. OR
  • Develop one of the topics discussed in Philosophy: The Basics (e.g., free will & determinism...)
  • Transcribe an imaginary conversation between yourself and two or three philosophers, including at least one pre- and one post-Cartesian (besides yourself). You initiate the conversation by posing a question, having each philosopher respond, and responding yourself in turn. OR,
  • Come talk to me about your idea for a final report project.
Please read and comment on others' posts, especially your groupmates'. Your report should include a brief suggested bibliography. Have fun! 


  1. Tomorrow in class could we please discuss who is exempt from exam #3 and the final blog posts so we have a definite answer?

  2. We won't have a definite answer until the curtain comes down on our game,. But we can get an approximate idea of who's in the race, and begin making provisional plans. To facilitate that, will every group please post your current standings? The exemption opportunities are enumerated in the right sidebar under BONUS EXEMPTIONS.