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Monday, April 27, 2015

Tyler Grundy

Tyler Grundy
Philosophy: Group 2, Section 12
Aristotle and I
            First, Aristotle and I would not discuss philosophy, we would discuss what it was like to grow up without their father. I would then proceed to ask him what it was like to be such an inspirational figure in modern day philosophy. He would probably just respond back that he had no intention of being anyone’s role model, he just wanted to share his perspective on the way he views the world. Next, I would ask him what it was like to have Alexander III to look up to him and view him as an inspirational person and such an intelligent person. I’d imagine that he would say that he had no idea he would grow up and do such admirable things and be later labeled as “Alexander \the Great” for his military accomplishments, such as being an undefeated commander, or that he would later succeed his father, Phillip II, and become king at age twenty. I would then ask Aristotle if he knew his ethics would influence many philosophers, even hundreds of years after his death. I would presume Aristotle would claim that was his intentions by establishing his school, Lyceum, but would have never imagined his philosophies would become what that have. I would then go into detail with him about how he has impacted the world. I would show him the internet and how if you googled his name, pages upon pages of information would instantly pop up and tell all about his life and accomplishments. I would ask him his opinion on rather or not he was impressed with modern society and how philosophy has progressed since his time or if he was disappointed to see the direction in which the world has come since his death. I feel he would say he was disappointed and that he never anticipated for the world and society to become so dependent on something that was not their legs and minds. Finally, I would conclude by seeing if he has any questions for me about the current time period. My guess would be that he would ask if I was proud to have moved so far forward technically yet so far backwards when it came to being in contact with oneself and the philosophy he knew. I would have no answer for him. 

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  1. "He would probably just respond back that he had no intention of being anyone’s role model" - RIght. He'd be appalled at how he was coopted by scholastics in the Middle Ages as The Philosopher, and used to stifle free debate.