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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A fond farewell

(Or better, au revoir: 'til we meet again!)

What most needs saying, on the occasion of our last class meeting, is something William James said in 1910. He was practically on his deathbed. 
"There is no conclusion. What has concluded, that we might conclude in regard to it? There are no fortunes to be told, and there is no advice to be given.--Farewell!" (from A Pluralistic Mystic)
Good luck, CoPhilosophy class of '15! Keep your health, do good work, return to this site whenever you like, post whatever you care to share, and don't be strangers. 

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"Keep you health, your splendid health. It's better than all the truths in the firmament."


  1. If we are doing the optional final DQ, do you want it posted on here or printed out?

  2. You gave me your hard copy, but feel free to post it as well. No reason why I should be the sole beneficiary of anyone's wisdom!