Up@dawn 2.0

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


If any of you have ideas for how to improve future renditions of our course, the format, etc., please pass those along.

One thing I think we've learned this semester, about our course format: it really is crucial that everyone keep a detailed daily log to document all scoring, and that we appoint a daily scorekeeper to monitor those logs. We were going to do that, some of us did and some didn't. Maybe we need a better incentive structure: 3 runs instead of one for being daily scorekeeper, possibly. 

Another possible change: a runs-cap of (say) 5 per player, per class, to block "bombing" and to protect overachievers from themselves.

Any other thoughts?


  1. Include an attendance portion (a place to initial beside your score, maybe) and put out a new sheet at least every week to ensure people are attending and cannot alter previous sheets without talking to you.

  2. ^^^^ I agree with Shonda. Plus I really liked your idea about putting the exams already up for everyone to look up the answers before they come to class, so if someone really cares about this class they will already have the quiz ready for the next time everyone meets. I'd also think that the roles of author and score keeper need to be assigned to someone new each class, that way everyone will at least get a chance to get a run. BUT I'd just like to say I have really enjoyed this class :)