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Monday, April 27, 2015

Mikayla Gray, Sec 8 Group 1. This I Believe: Beauty

Mikayla Gray, This I believe: Beauty
I believe in the beauty, not the beauty that comes from models or runway shows, but the beauty that makes you stop and really appreciate life. But what really is beauty? If you have all 5 senses you spend your whole life trying to find the beauty in life. My post will be about how we find beauty in something or someone? When we have all 5 senses we are greatly blessed because we try to find beauty in sight, but should we really be looking at objects to find their beauty? When others don’t have all 5 senses how do you think they view the beautiful things in the world? 

I believe that beauty comes from character, all the noble and genuine things you do for others. When you are on the street and you see someone struggling, and someone instantly jumps in and helps him or her; or when someone buys your meal for you while in front of you at the drive through. These are some of the small things that can really make you appreciate the inner beauty of others. Beauty can be many things, but to me beauty is having the courage to be yourself in any situation and knowing that there is not anyone else you would rather be. As Markus Zusak states, “Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.”

 So therefore I believe we should not look for beauty by sight, but we should look at beauty by how someone acts and how they approach and help others. We should be more open to helping others and showing others that to be beautiful you do not need a pretty face, but a pretty soul.

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  1. "we should look at beauty by how someone acts and how they approach and help others."

    Agreed. Pretty faces are overrated. Beatuy is not an abstract universal essence, it's a qualtity of concrete situations and relationships.