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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smith 16-2

Smith seems to believe that what people love about life or, in a more narrow sense, taste is surprise, complexity and unique experiences. I would agree in some part by pointing out that those who seem to fully enjoy life avoid stagnation by actively participating in things and by finding new experiences for themselves. Although I do not think that this holds true in all circumstances. After all, can you really boil down the specific tendencies of the human race into one always present truth? I don't think so, and especially when it comes to taste I believe you can find many who enjoy a simple, consistent, never changing flavor. Consider an old man you might know who's been drinking the same cheap beer for over 30 years. It is what makes him happy and any attempt to get him to try something a little hoppier would end in vain. I'm sure there are many other examples out there. Some enjoy a simple, consistent taste just as much as some enjoy a complex, ever changing one. Can you really say there is an objective truth out there in terms of taste and what is best?


  1. kaitlyn bennett11:34 AM CDT

    Absolutely not, I think Jacob is right there is never one objective truth when it comes to humans. people prefer different things,some like to travel, some are homebodies, some have expensive taste, some could care less. neither one is right, it's just an opinion. some people really do hate surprises, would rather have simple, not complex situations and like a consistent routine. unique experiences aren't enjoyed by everyone, i like the example jacob used about the old man and the beer.

  2. adam thomas11:46 AM CDT

    D.Q. Which philosophical view do you think would be a stark contrast to smith's view that everyone enjoys surprise, complexity and uniqueness?

  3. adam thomas11:58 AM CDT

    and would it be the same view as those that believe seeking happiness is a waste of time that will end in disappointment?

  4. I can actually relate to the old man drinking the same beer for the last 30 years. I do not eat any vegetables or add any condiments on anything that I eat. I have never tried it, but if I do I might just be sick. I can not fathom what that would taste like. Yeah, people tell me everyday that they are good for you and they taste amazing, but I do not want to try it because I have always been a plain eater. However, I am glad that other people enjoy what is out in the world to eat! (That means I do not eat salads either, which is a bit shocking to a lot of people for some reason!)