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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

14-3 Lach Questions

I was under the impression that these were to be made as comments; however, I don't see a post regarding that so I guess I will just publish them here.

  • Do you think Stoics would agree that an 'ugly' man could be happy (keeping in mind that Aristotle would say no)? How are things like beauty and intelligence and their role in being happy perceived by the Stoics?
  • How would you say that western philosophies deal with social problems differently than more traditional or eastern philosophies?
  • Do you think the Greek Stoics are harder to bring into a modern context?
  • Doesn't it seem contradictory to believe that every thing that happens is a determined event but then also believe we are capable of having control over the way we react?
  • What is your favorite course to teach at Vandy and why?


  1. No offense but I would take seans question what's your favorite class at vandy but also why did you choose to stay there.

  2. Anonymous7:21 AM CDT

    Its been said that socrates was an astecially pleasing individual however many would agree that he was not only happy doing what he was doing but also simply living his life. Western philosphers have a different sphere of the globe in which there problems occur. They think more on the about modern day problems whetere they're finiancial, etihical or spelling. greek philosophers probably wont easily adapt to modern day probelm because i dont think theyd immediately relate to them