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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Everyday Philosophical Ideas & Events (H1G4-Final)

Everyday Philosophical Ideas and Events
Yusra Mohammed 
H01 Group 4 
Final Part III 

Hola compadres! I have for you the last installment of my final blog. It only covers one time stamp, but it is perhaps one of the biggest life lessons we have covered in PHIL 1030. So here you go!

11:00 PM: So they day is nearing a close, yet you are still awake. Yet there you are franticly typing away on your computer for your paper due at midnight. How did you end up here AGAIN? You swore that you wouldn’t procrastinate again; you’d only watch ONE YouTube video… But you have succeeded in wasting time. Time… It’s a really interesting thing. Hugh Mellor’s view on the matter is that the past is the present and the future, just as the future is the past and present. His basic premise is if when we make are making a choice (in the present) we were going to make that choice (future) and after making it, it’s done (the past).we were going to make that choice (future) and after making it, it’s done (the past). His bite in PB led to a mind bending discussion that ended with Mellor admitting that he didn’t really know why this discussion was relevant. The way to go about contemplating time in an everyday manner is to think about how we are utilizing it, not is what we are doing in the present or past? Our actions will affect our future, so why don’t we use it to our advantage? We should remember the past and learn from the lessons it taught us. Study habits, relationships, and mistakes. But, dwelling too much in the past robs you from carpe diem-ing the present!

And on that note my friends I leave you with my concluded final! Hopefully it was not too bad, I thought it would be a really applicable topic. (Not saying that Arthur isn’t!). Carpe Diem my friends! Never let an opportunity evade you without seizing it! :)

Word Count: 337
Total Word Count: 2,042
(P.S. Sorry I got over zealous and posted all three parts back to back to back... I was just proud that I didn't procrastinate!)

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  1. Yusra, I really loved this! Wonderful idea to pick apart the average day of a college student. This made me realize how philosophical we all actually are. We all think every moment of every day, and a lot of that thinking drifts into the philosophical realm.

    And I'm very proud of you for not wasting time and completing your final!