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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happiness Club?

Who wants to organize one of these at MTSU? I'll volunteer to be faculty sponsor.
Rain fell on State College, Pa., as junior Danielle Long accompanied a stranger to class under a bright yellow umbrella.
These umbrella taxis are one of several small acts of kindness Long has organized as president of the Penn State Clown Nose Club, whose members at each event don a red foam ball in the center of their face.
You can find variations of this club at colleges nationwide. From passing out lollipops to distributing free iced tea and hugs outside the library at finals, these student groups aim to increase peers' happiness throughout the academic year.
"It's important that people stop and realize that sometimes a smile is the most important thing," said Northwestern University senior Kyle Richardson, 23. "It's important to take time off and not be so wound up all the time."
Quick, simple attempts to make people feel special dominate these clubs' agendas. With inexpensive events, such as a flash mob or free compliments, these organizations help to improve student morale, said Richardson, executive board member of Northwestern's Happiness Club...

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