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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Final Exam Questions - Section H1 - Group 4

Here are Section 1 - Group 4's Final Exam Questions that we have made!

1.  Q: Who thinks that the reasons behind art should "convince people to spend time engaging with them and get some kind of rich experience out of them."
     A: Derek Matravers

2.   Q: According to John Lachs, the central interest of _____________ is in "the improvement of life, or...in the growth of what is precious"?
      A: Pragmatism

3.   Q: Who believes that "we might see God as a spiritual goal in life, but not as the ontological foundation of life"?
      A: Don Cupitt

4.    Q: According to _______________________________, atheism is a rejection of the idea that there are gods or supernatural agencies of any kind in the world.

       A:    A.C. Grayling

5.    Q: From which 1740s Frenchmen do we get our modern concept of art?

       A: Abbé Batteaux

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