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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Searle 14-2

We had a short discussion last week so this will be a short post. We mainly talked about the debate of would you want your memories or experience to be downloaded into a computer when you die and for other to be downloaded as well. You wouldn't be yourself, you would just be one person that is part of a group of memories. There was also some talk of what was going on with the Boston marathon and my prayers go out to anyone affected.


  1. tony spelta11:42 AM CDT

    When I die I would not want my memories put into a machine because it would not be me it would not matter if it had my memories it would not help me experience new memories

  2. I just feel like it isn't natural to keep your memories around. Its just weird.

  3. samuel walker11:50 AM CDT

    I wouldn't want my memories to be around because I would gone and there would be no point in having them remain if I'm dead. The Boston marathon disaster is crazy, this world is crazy. Hopefully things will get better.

  4. Timothy Springer12:01 PM CDT

    I feel like if we start to have our memories to be used in robots or whatever after we die, then that would take away the dead aspect of death entirely. I second that the Boston Marathon was horrific, and I believe our world is going through a phase of giving too much credit and publicity for the bad things instead of praise for the good. For example, on the news there is more talk of bad news than good.

    1. I feel that death is also something to look forward to especially if one is religious. I believe that dying should be a time in which one is at rest. I agree that giving our thoughts to the advancement of robots is a poor decision.

  5. I feel like my memories belong to me. I don't feel as if I want them to be shared with the world. If I choose to share them, I will share them with people that matter in times that matter. I'd like to savor my memories

  6. Here's a question. When they download someone’s memories to a computer, are more memories created through experience? If not then what's the difference between downloading memories and just writing a book about your life?