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Friday, April 26, 2013

(16-1) Final Exam Questions

Q:Who states The main problem about human existence is its fragility?

Q:T/F, De Botton said when we describe buildings as beautiful we’re alluding to material versions of many of the qualities that we think of as good in other parts of life.
A: True

Q:A tester is in one room, typing a conversation on to a screen. The tester doesn't know whether he or she is having a conversation with another person in a different room via the screen – or with a computer generating its own answers. If during the conversation the tester can't tell whether there is a person or a human being responding, the computer passes the ________
A:Turing Test

Q:In Philippa Foot’s runaway train experiment if you decide to run over the 1 person on the tracks and not the five people then you mostly agree with what type of philosophy?

Q:Sartre ,who said “we are completely responsible for what we do every day and how we feel about what we do.”, has the view of a/an ______

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