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Sunday, April 21, 2013

FRIENDS 3 - Michele Kelley (H1G3)

      I know I have already talked about The One With The Prom Video. But, as one of my favorite episodes we are going to have to go over it again, perhaps for the last time , just perhaps. However the reason I want to evaluate the episode again is because of the subplot that goes on between Joey and Chandler. Let's do a run down.
Basically to repay Chandler for all his support throughout the years (aka head shots, etc) when Joey was struggling as an actor, Joey gives him like 800 hundred dollars and a gold bracelet inscribed with "best buddies", which Chandler hates. (don't blame him ... its an awful bracelet... or should you?)

"He could have got me a VCR, he could have got me a baseball, but he has to get me the Woman Repeller--the eyesore from the Liberace house of crap!" 

 This statement is overheard by Joey and he is upset. Then Chandler feels awful, but on top of that accidentally lost the bracelet and tries to beg for forgiveness for saying awful things about it....

"I am here on my knees, holding up these couch cushions as a symbol of my sorrow and regret. Much like I did in biblical times…. You may haveth anger now!!"

 Chandler ends up buying another bracelet to replace it to prevent Joey from finding out. Gunther at the coffee shop, Central Perk, ends up having the bracelet in the first place. So, Chandler just gives the second bracelet to Joey so that they can be "Bracelet Buddies"

But on to the point. The philosophical question behind this is "how much should we appease our friends verses ourselves?"  If a friend gave you something that you hated (like an ugly gold bracelet) or perhaps cooked you food that you find detestable ... are you responsible for pretending or lying to make them feel better? 

Sure to a point we can put on a brave face and accept the unwanted gift given to us. But like Chandler, should we have to hold our tongues about it? We can all merit that most times it is better to say nothing if in doubt. But like his quote above, sometimes after putting on a brave face, our mouths spew open. So should we have to hold our tongue or just politely decline the well meant gift in the first place? 

Like in most philosophical discussions there is no clear line. Then people spend time arguing about where this invisible line exists. So, in each situation we should take each situation one at a time to decide. Chandler, should have just bitten his tongue. The gift was well meant and not really refutable, since it is engraved. Other things that are small and trivial? Well God made gift receipts for a reason. Plus, most gifts are more for the sentimental value.... for instance ...Who cares if you hate the scarf your Aunt knit you? You wear it because you love her. 

Overall, the answer to most philosophical questions is dependent on this situation. No one here is dying on a train track, or nearly close to that extreme. The question is simply is appeasing your friend more important that disliking a gift or (bracelet) and generally the question is yes. 


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  2. I've gotta say, it overjoys me to see a midterm on my favorite TV show. Except now I'm very distracted and laughing out loud in the library. But regardless, thanks, Michele. As for the philosophical question, I'd say it's always best to be up front with people, but that doesn't make for very good television.

  3. Brittany2:46 PM CDT

    He should have just told Joey that he didn't like the bracelet because it led to more money involved than if he would have just said "I don't like the bracelet." I agree though, we try to appease our friends to not hurt their feelings and keep them happy.

  4. I agree with Logan on this one as well. I would rather someone be upfront and honest to me rather than to lie to me. For example, if someone told me I looked stunning in a clown suit, then I might wear it again. However, that would look really goofy walking across the MTSU campus! I would be embarrassed. Although, that other person had the responsibility to tell me, and he/she did not. I do not like how people give others hints or clues to get around telling someone the truth. I think a problem or question can be taken care of immediately rather than taking the long way around. Great post Michele!!