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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Smith 14-2 From wine to the death penalty

In our discussion we talked about how taste is subjective and that people experience different tastes. A question was brought up, do you think that it is ok to drink or partake in a small amount of a substance to loosen your tongue or thinking? Also do you think that people can think that they are drunk or high even if they aren't? And we answered yes, its been tested and labeled as the placebo effect. You can even experience an altered state of mind from natural occurring processes.
We also discussed how certain news and media stations jumped the gun on saying that there was a bomb suspect in custody when there wasn't at all. They felt a great need to be the first news station to present the news, and they were false.
We also talked about how the media distorts the news and what we see, so we never really know the true story.
We also discussed the death penalty.


  1. Timothy Springer3:17 PM CDT

    In regard to the death penalty,I feel like killing is killing but then again if one does wrong, it is expected for the judgement to be an equal reaction to the action of the accused. In my opinion, the only way to live after being found guilty of murder with no moral or understandable purpose is not to live at all.

  2. Taste is very subjective in every aspect of the world. Whether it be movies, music, food, or wine, everyone has different tastes. No one is going to agree on everything. Someone may like music that is slow, but others may like the dance music. A person may like a glass of a $1,000 wine, and someone might think it is the most disgusting wine in the world. So, I agree that taste is very subjective.

    I really do think that the placebo effect works. Someone might think that by drinking one glass of wine always makes them drunk. If they truly believe that, they might act drunk when they really are not.

    I agree that I do not like how the news stations jumped the gun on the Boston event. I think there needs to be a designated news station that receives all of the factual information before it is leaked out into the other American news stations. This way Americans will not be confused about something that may or may not be happening. I understand that the news stations want to be the first to report big news, but it needs to come down to the true facts. Also, it needs to come down to the fact that American people want to know what is truly going on. How are we going to be well-informed citizens if they do not tell us what is going on in the world? But, I agree that news stations have problems that should be addressed. However, I doubt that will ever happen.

  3. I think that the death penalty is kind if a cop out. I believe that they should be put in solitary for the rest of their lives.

  4. Also, I found this link discussing experiences that people have had with mind-altering drugs. Intriguing to say the least.


  5. Tony Spelta11:05 AM CDT

    I have mixed emotions about the death penalty. But for this I must say that I am for the death penalty only if we are 100% sure that the person that we are killing did something that is worthy of being killed over.

  6. I disagree. I don't think that we should kill people at all first for moral reasons but second because people should contemplate what they have done.

  7. samuel walker12:39 PM CDT

    When it comes to the death penalty I disagree with killing someone for killing another person. But it goes both ways I mean karma comes back on you so if you kill its a possibility it will come back on you. In the end what do you get after you killed someone?

  8. In response to Timothy's comment about how the punishment should match the crime, administering the death penalty on a murderer does not always match the crime. Say for instance that murderer tortured his or her victim before killing them. Simply killing the murderer likely wouldn't justify the torture he or she administered. It may be more reasonable to give such an individual life imprisonment rather than just putting them out of their misery.
    Also, I agree with Skye's comment about how people should have a chance to think about what they have done. If only our country's disciplinary institutions could be better with psychiatric treatment of that nature.