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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Philosophy and Shel Silverstein Part 2

Katy Ramsey 
Philosophy and Shel Silverstein
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Shel Silverstein and Philosophy

Continuing on in the journey of Shel Silverstein and his work! Today we are discussing how to use Silverstein's poetry to teach children philosophy. As a poet who discusses many important childhood issues: avoiding chores, having pets, skipping school, etc, Silverstein uniquely uses simple examples to demonstate and teach complex ideas and thoeries. This is why his poetry is a great tool for teaching young students how to think on a Philosophical level.  One of my favorite poems by Silverstein is "Yesees and Noees":

This would be a great way to introduce Philosophy to younger children, because it teaches them to think for themselves...like a Philosopher does. Thinking as an independent person is an important part of growing up, and teaching kids how to do that (through philosophy) could help them make more mature decisions. 

Another great poem by Silverstein is "The Voice":

This poem goes right along with "Yesees and Noees" in teaching children to think on their own, and ask questions. Once the children get an idea of their personal ideas, then they can start asking questions, and thinking of answers on a different level. 

This introduction to Philosophy could easily be followed by having the children write a poem about their own opinions, thoughts and ideas. Challenging them to think outside the box, and on their own terms. 

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  1. It's an experiment we've not yet run: raising a generation of children to really think for themselves. Subversive!