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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Section 12 (group that stayed inside)

Yesterday, due to lack of attendance, the few group members that stayed inside joined together for the discussion portion of class. We discussed how technology impairs face to face social communication and relationships. We agreed that by being "plugged in" to technology people do not interact in person much anymore. On airplanes and in elevators technology gives us an "excuse" to not be social with the people and strangers surrounding us. This is beneficial if you are an introvert, but it can make people seem unfriendly.
Not only is there a lack of face to face communication due to technology, but also a lack of letters being sent in the mail. Letters take several days to get your message across while emails take a matter of minutes.


  1. Sec 8 Group 2. Th 16.
    FQ: Kierkegaard was eventually married. (T/F) LH pg. 156
    FQ: What group of people did Marx sympathize with? LH pg. 160
    DQ: If God told you to harm your family or friends, what would you do?

  2. Scores for group 3

    Marisa- 22
    John- 31
    Tyler- 17
    Anne- 28
    Dallas- 14
    Zach- 11
    Heather- 15
    Nathan- 21
    Taylor- 8