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Monday, April 24, 2017

Section 8 - Installment 1 - Kate Archer

The Secret

Winston Churchill once said, "You create your own universe as you go along". 
Thinking about that for a moment or two can lend to may interpretations, one in particular being that of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. 
In the Secret, this quote, along with several others, are tied (or haphazardly cobbled) together to illustrate what this "secret" is - the secret to a life of happiness, health, and wealth. 

Full disclosure, when I was given the Secret years ago, and began to read it, I thought it was a little corny, a little quirky, and it wasn't at all the life-changing revelation I was expecting. Some elements of the Secret I have incorporated into my life, and I believe that I am the better for them, but much like the quotes of the "greatest people in history" that Rhonda Byrne leaned on to support her "secret", I found my own interpretation in the pages of this book.

The primary tenant of the secret is the Law of Attraction. We all operate according to and with the law of attraction, and the law of attraction is controlled by our thoughts. Yup, that’s right. Stay with me, because I too considered turning away on page 2 or 3 thinking - what?

Think about this for a moment, literally think, because we know that our thoughts have frequencies, frequencies that can and have been measured. Those who follow this “secret” believe that your life is a physical manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head. Your thoughts act like a magnet, like attracting like, bringing your predominant thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious, into reality.

Again, not life-changing, we have heard about self-fulfilling prophecies and such. But what if it is true? What if you can create what you wanted with the power of your thoughts? Couldn’t hurt to try right?

This is the point where interpretations of the Secret seem to diverge into 2 primary camps. Some believe that all they have to do is think happy thoughts, think of what they want, practice gratitude, visualize and try to feel the feelings of having what it is you want. All of these things are true and can be found in the pages of the book.
So, you are focusing on what you want, great.
You don’t need to know how you are going to get what you want, you just need to believe. Ok.
I can do that.
What seems to get left behind, or perhaps missed (especially by those who have criticized the Secret), is another primary step in the process of creating your universe - Acting on what you want! Well yeah, of course you are going to have to get up off your keester at some point!
The universe does not just :poof: deliver what you want on your doorstep. When you are focusing intently on what is you want, something you want to achieve, whatever it is, eventually, the opportunity will come, the inspiration or idea will form.
You don’t have to know how you are going to achieve what you want, focus on what you want and the how will become clear on the way there, you just have to be ready to act.

More to come in the next installment, including those who think the “secret” is more like a poorly-kept lie.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the (kinda of a?) documentary! Again, it is a little corny and a little quirky, but worth 90 minutes. It’s on Netflix!

Click here for the documentary!

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  1. CHurchill didn't just need the Law of Attraction, he needed American military assistance too. And there's no doubt, the quality of affirmation ("We will fight on the land, we will fight at sea, we will never surrender") is powerful. But there's a danger lurking in this "secret": we might be tempted to blame unsuccessful people for their failures to "attract" success, when we ought to acknowledge the large element of contingency and luck in every successful life.

    A good commentary on The Secret is a film called "What the [Bleep] Do I Know?"...