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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rashad’s Philosophy

Throughout this class we have been discussing different phosphors and their philosophies, and over time this made me question myself some? The kind of questions that went through my mind where; What is my life philosophy? What is my philosophy on religion? What is my philosophy on life itself? Throughout this post and the next I will kind of discuss some my personal philosophies.
            Going back to the first thought, making me think hard about the person that I am is the question, what is my life philosophy? This meaning how do I live my life and why? I live my life just like anyone else does but, I would say that I do not always do what I know to be right, or what society considers right. At times I do what is best for me. This being rather is right or wrong. In my mind the way that I look at every action that I commit, is what are the chance of me getting caught or what is the penalty for the action. I may sound wrong but I promise that does not make me a bad person. Look at it from this point of view, if the penalty for a lot of the crimes in the world were not as harsh, would you not do some of the things that are clarified as “illegal”? Taking killing for example, in some cultures killing was part of their daily life styles. In Rome many gladiators were well respected for their spectacular combat skills. As opposed for now days, killing for sport is considered in humane, that being for a good reason. This alone just shows that if penalties for some actions that where commit were not as extreme, then more people would partake in those actions. I do not think that I truly see the world in terms of things being right or wrong. This being because I do not agree that the world is as black and white like most people believe, or try to persuade you to believe.

            As for my philosophy on the topic of religion, this one is a bit more complex. Throughout my life as a child my grandmother made me attend church service every Sunday and Wednesday.  So with that being said, I was raised in up in the church, but the older I got the more questions about this matter where formulated. Now, being out on my own I can truly say that I do not care for religion. Is not that I have anything against “God” per say, but I question the fact of their even being a god in the first place. If the “God that people so whole heartedly believe is is actually real would why would he let the people that he loves so much suffer in the ways that he does? I will discuss and go into more details about this in my next post. So stay tuned or my next post if this one has already captivate you.

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